Mesh Removal & the Translabial Ultrasound

Ladies in the U.S.A.  Please take note and perhaps you can start fighting for better care all over our country.  We are supposed to have the best medical care in the world, but we are hardly better off than other third world countries when it comes to mesh removal.  We have to travel thousands of miles and a lot of expense to the one and only place that I know of where we stand a better chance of mesh complications, related recovery.  Many women here do not have the money, insurance nor the capability to get there and to do so means everyone in the family has to be on board.  That happens far less than you may know.  This is how the women up there in Canada are tackling their problem.

The women of Canada are fighting hard to get their government to recognize that their care after mesh complications is less than desirable.  They are gathering information to fight hard with education.  So one very brave lady decided to go straight to the horses mouth, so to speak.  Dr. Raz of U.C.L.A.   As always this man takes time to answer every email.  If you do write to him at all keep it short and concise.  She asked the VERY IMPORTANT questions about the translabial ultrasound to detect where the mesh is and what it is doing inside a woman’s body.  You should also realize that even if they say they can do it and he emails them the instructions, the people who actually do the test are not trained to understand how to see it including the doctors.  IF they continue to put this mesh in us, it is time for the mesh manufacturers to pay to have all the doctors and anyone doing these tests, trained in every aspect of removal. WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF POOR AND SHODDY TREATMENT.

The following is the exact questions this lady asked and you will see Dr. Raz’s answers following. 

Dr Raz. We in Saskatchewan are having a hard time to convince our Government and doctors of the importance of the translabial ultrasound for locating the mesh. To my knowledge and as confirmed by a number of doctors in Canada, translabial ultra sound is not used here for mesh.

These are her questions. 

Would you kindly answer the following two questions for me so I can submit this email as an aide in our applications.

1. Based on your knowledge and expertise, is it possible to locate all the mesh without a translabial ultrasound?

2. Based on your knowledge and expertise is it more necessary to preform a complete or partial mesh removal and why?

On behalf of over a hundred women across Canada, thank you in advance for your attention and time. You are a blessing to us all!

His answer. 

The translabial  ultrasound is the only way to see mesh. No other test can detect it. The operation can be done without it but will be less desirable.

For patients with pain, partial removal of the mesh is not curing the condition. All the mesh should be removed ant this is what I would recommend.

Shlomo Raz M.D.  Professor of Urology
Chief Division of Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery
Director Fellowship Program
Department of Urology   UCLA School of Medicine
200 UCLA Medical Plaza, Suite 140
Los Angeles, California   90095
Phone 310-794-0208   Fax 310-794-0211

I say to all the Canadian women who are working so hard to change things for EVERY woman.  I applaud and congratulate you.  I hope you will be heard.  You deserve the changes that I hope your hard work will bring you all.

In case you have not read the blog I wrote back in February 2012, it is time for you to get educated where ever you live about this test.

You also need to understand the questions you MUST ask of any doctor who you choose to do your removal.  Stop having multiple surgeries.  You will always be unwell without full mesh removal and have a great deal more scar tissue to contend with.  Dr. Raz is not a miracle worker.  The more surgeries you have, the harder it will be for him to give you the help you truly need.  Read these questions.  Start your new life now by going where you will get the best treatment possible.

Go Canadians, GO!
If you live in Canada and have mesh related complications or think you may have, please contact me via email and I will send it on the these great women.


  1. Saskatchewan

    Thank you Linda!! We continue to push for approval in our province and country even if I never see it myself I will fight to the end for all women and their loved ones.

    1. lavalinda (Post author)

      I so appreciate your attitude.

  2. lucille jones

    Linda,i enjoy reading your blogs and all i can do right now is wait for my Gyno to return from out of country. Then she will do my Cystoscopy which i know may show nothing, but i will definately be pushing to go for Out of Country Surgery . I have a couple ideas to talk to her about that i hope would help in her decision. Other wise i will be lost as my husband is not working yet and will have to wait on the sidelines to see who here in Canada will do complete removals. Also the Translabial Ultra Sound would be a real asset out here in Canada. Again , you are a gifted writer, ever thought about writing a book.

  3. Sharon Penrod

    Is UCLA the only place to get the Translabial Ultrasound for diagnoses?

    1. Silva keheian

      My name is silva I been suffrening a lot of pain In my vagina , my back ,thigh .i had surgery on 6-2011 and they implant a sling and mash for fixing the prolapse I need to know where can I go to have translabial ultrasound please advice what I should do I need help

      1. lavalinda (Post author)

        Silva you will have to call gynecologist’s office and ask if they do it. Dr. Raz’s office at UCLA will be happy to send any doctor directions for how this test should be performed.

  4. dc

    Hi Sharon,

    From what I understand, it is not a test most doctors are using. I’ve heard that Dr. Raz will fax directions to your doctor office on how to preform this test, which is similar to an ultrasound for pregnant women.

    Please see this post on MDND:

    As well as the comments there, where Denise Jacob, in comment #10 says:

    “probably the best way would be to have a translabial ultrasound. The only problem with that is that so few doctors are doing it or know how to read it. Dr Raz and his team at UCLA were the first that I know of to develop and consistently use the technique. I

  5. Tammy

    Hello my name is Tammy im a married with 3daughters an 1 son 4 grandkids. In April 2010 i had histeretomy and urinary inconitence surgery. I had the transvaginal mesh. Almost right after i started having problems pain infections leakage constipation discharge and pain with sex. It has affected my whole life. I didnt have insurance for while an no money to see a dr so i lived with suisidal pain. Now i hav insurance i cant find a dr that will remive the mesh. I live in winfield alabama. Plzzzz can u help me or giv me advice..

    1. lavalinda (Post author)

      The only doctors I would trust to remove it all are those at UCLA. Please read this blog.

  6. Sereda Parker

    hello my name is Sereda Parker i had surgery and 2008 i am having problem with a lots pain in lower back, both hips. The doctor tell me i had a sacral colpopexy she said my mesh look like a letter y.The doctor said i have a small of rectal prolapse.I can not sleep at night and my bed i have to take to pain pills ever night.How can i get my doctor to here what i am saying she think i nee to see a Rheumatology.I need help please thank you

  7. eunice

    Hello , my name is eunice and I have the gynecare TVT and is having problems really bad . Cant get any Doctor to listen to me about it. I have pain in my tailbone and down in my legs in my belly and is in the bathroom about 35 to 40 times a day, my bowels dont work right on minute have run off the bowels and the next I cant go. I am at my last draw to get someting done. I have been tring sence 2007 and not getting anywhere. I dont know if it is because my husband is active duty in the milyary or not.. My miltary doctor said that he dont really trust cilvilan doctors. Whats that tell you about our heath care for us ladies..

    1. lavalinda (Post author)

      I have no doubt it is the sling and your only hope is to go to a surgeon who can remove it without damaging you further. With long term mesh issues, you really need the translabial ultrasound to find out what is going on. There is only one place you can get it done. It is the top link on the blog I wrote about my own journey through mesh removal. This link will take you to many links so that you understand the journey it takes to remove mesh and how important it is to go to the right doctor.

  8. Yvette Hoffa

    Can you tell me do you know of any doctors in the Washington D.C. area who are familiar with the translabial ultrasound?

    1. DebCNY

      Hi Yvette…. Linda is out of town, but unfortunately there are not a lot of doctors familiar with the translabial ultrasound. I know she usually refers everyone to UCLA… that is because there are hardly any other doctors that will do full removals as well, and of the ones that do – Dr. Raz has the most experience. UCLA info is here:

      I also wrote a post on this over on my blog here:

      1. Yvette Hoffa

        Thank you. I have had a mesh sling for ten years. I am having some health issues that we can’t figure out and I am concerned after reading some of these stories that they may be tied to the my sling. I was hoping to have it evaluated by having the ultrasound done locally in D.C. I am going to print some of this information and take it to my doctor. I am also in the process of getting my records from the hospital. Thank you for this information.

    2. Angels123

      Yvette…most places are not familiar with that ultrasound nor do the doctors know how to read them even if they can be done by a facility. UCLA docs really are the experts at this and reading those ultrasounds. I know it is a daunting task to try to think about making the trip once let alone a couple of times which is what it will take but I assure you it is worth it. Don’t you only want the best trying to figure out how to help you from here forward? Most of us are sick of doctors who lie, are incompetent, and truly do not care for the well being of their patients. Don’t risk being the victim of yet one more of those kinds of docs. Just go to the best and you will see the difference..once you do you will wonder why you have ever put up with being treated the way you have in the past. Good luck to you !

  9. Suzanne Doyle

    Had mesh surgery in 2009, Became ill with fever and drainage 4 days after the surgery. Back to the hospital and treated with IV antibiotics. Two weeks later, the drainage had not stopped. Operation to drain the abscess, and the Dr. took out a 1 inch piece of mesh stating that was the only part involved. Left with large wound, and needed a wound vac to close the wound for 3 months. Took powerful antiobiotics till the wound was closed. Went to work, and could not tolerate the pain and fatigue. Disability was approved for me, and I retired from work in 2010. No more infections until February, and then sepsis occurred. In hospital twice 6 days each. No test revealed anything, and I was placed on Bactrim. I was close to death in 2012. A knee replacement surgery in 2011 is now causing me much discomfort. Have been on antiobiotics since 2012. Pain will not stop, and is being complicated by psoriatic arthritis and fibromyallgia. Since I am on constant antiobiotics, is further surgery possible for mesh removal? Suzanne

    1. lavalinda (Post author)

      Suzanne most of the women are on antibiotics when they have surgery for removal. The reason for the infection I because it is in your deep tissue. If you can, get out to UCLA soon. You can get a faster appointment with Dr. Rodriguez.

  10. Lucy

    Hi. I am in Louisiana had mesh sling put in for bladder and uretha have all problems and conditions listed by all women above. My question. If one lives out of state.. How many trips to Calif does it take to get from A to Z. Where do you stay. Any and all info on these details would from your first visit to removal to final follow up..thanks lucy

    1. lavalinda (Post author)
  11. lizzy

    To any doctor here I am on blacklist my gyno dropped me.mayo no help cant remove posts .California there is but 3 plane trips? I cant afford that expense.had in wheelchair.lifes been ruined by a wrongful surgery anda partial both women doctors who didnt life as I know it gone

    1. lavalinda (Post author)

      Lizzy. Be careful who you choose to go to. Perhaps this one is closer. Read why you have to learn more about any doctor.

  12. Rose

    Hello, I have been following your blog for sometime as I am going through recovery of back surgery, from which they thought was causing the pain I had. But, after five months and I am still on walking canes and the pains in my legs are still there. Long story short I had the mesh implant In 2010 and by 2011 I started experiencing pain in my legs and hips I was a little concern that perhaps it was damage done by the mesh. I’m going to see a uro-gynocologist on the 7th for consultation. Can you give be some important questions to ask. Like I said I have no idea if in fact the mesh is the cause or not but since I am not getting better both physically a n d with the bladder incontinence I need to do something. Thank you for your time.

    1. lavalinda (Post author)

      Rose I have heard from many women who had back surgery when all the time it was mesh complications. I have a great search engine here and I typed in ‘questions to ask’ and it was the first one on the list. It is sad times wwe live in when they will do everything to a woman except discuss mesh.

  13. vickie tamling

    I need to find a dr to remove my mesh. Ive had all tests done. I akso have a rectocele and fistula an organ prolapse onto my rectum. After multiple visits an tests my dr refused to operate cause Im on narcotics. I put this down on my first visit with her. My colon dr put me to sleep for colonoscopy two days ago. No problem with anesthesia. After seeing my urogynecologist just 2 days before colinoscopy she was doing surgery. Now she says anesthesia wouldn’t touch me. Well they did 2 days later without problems. This other dr who’s refusing spent most of my visit complaining about me smelling like smoke. I think that’s why she’s refusing. Shes also been caught in several lies to me and my colon dr. I have excellent ins. But need surgery asap. Im miserable. I hurt I cant stand or sit ling. Will anyone help. I refuse to get off arcs til im fixed. On top of that I was seen in pain ionic due to dom. Violence.I had both wrists shattered both knees blown out few surgery 3 times and had my back kicked in with steel work books causing permanent nerve damage and multiple bulging discs. I have no life at all. Constant pain. Unable to have bowel movements alone. No sex I always have the urge to pee. Insomnia panic attacks. I cant go on much longer. Ive been stuck in bed 24/7 for last 4 years. My grandkids aren’t having normal relationship with gramma cause I cant travel. Ive been in pain so lomg. Please help me. Ive suffered enough. Thank you vickie

    1. lavalinda (Post author)

      Vickie I removed your phone number because you will receive unwanted scamming lawyers calls. I am sorry I cannot call every woman due to the volume of requests and I am trying hard to live life again. Please use the search engine and seek the information you need. Doctors are at the top as well as supplements to help you.


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